Barrington Park Splash Pad

2013-05-31 19.38.39A few weekends ago, we checked out the splash pad at Barrington Park. There’s nothing like playing around a water park on a hot summer night.

There’s no gazebo, so it probably gets pretty hot out here in the middle of summer, but, there is a play structure hidden behind some trees, so you can still have a picnic in some shade. There’s also a library across the field.

Here’s what they have at the Barrington Park splash pad:

  • Two water guns: one is a blue water cannon, and the other is a yellow elephant.
  • A red fire hydrant with 4 water spouts around the side. There is a black dome at the top of this red post to turn everything on.
  • Three ground sprinklers. One of the ground sprinklers shoots up pretty high.

We had a lot of fun snacking on watermelon slices beside the water park and shooting the blue cannon.

Our daughter had a lot of fun discovering you could wiggle the handle up and down to make pretty waves in the sky.

(Sorry to the little girl who was a casualty of friendly fire.)

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