Andrew Hayden Park Splash Pad (Water Playground)

water slide

Andrew Hayden Park Splash Pad is not truly a splash pad.  The city’s sign announcing it a “Water Playground” is a more accurate description.  The playground features three structures – a pirate ship playstructure with water that runs down the slide, a water wheel with troughs underneath it, and a climber of troughs with water running into it.

The structures are all a bit old, and in one of them the water leaks and doesn’t make it far in the troughs.  It’s also worth noting that all the water runs into sand which makes it a messy place to play.  However, this is a very unique water playground.  The playground’s novelty combined with the beauty of Andrew Hayden Park makes this park worth a visit.  The water park is probably better suited to younger splashers – in fact, this one was a great favourite of our three year old.

Andrew Hayden Park itself is obviously an incredible destination.  It’s a large, sprawling park with several interesting playstructures, ponds with wildlife and fountains, a public bathroom, lots of shade…and, of course, a gorgeous setting beside the Ottawa River.


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