Ouellette Park Splash Pad

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Ouellette Park Splash Pad is a brand new splash pad in Orleans named after the Ouellette family. This one is so new, they haven’t finished putting down the sod yet. It’s not on the city of Ottawa splash pad list at the time of writing.

Being a new park, everything is pretty awesome.  The splash pad has loops, a tall archway, water cannons, and fountain sprays.  It’s a large pad so many children could happily play at one time.

The park has a huge gazebo area with many picnic tables.  There are a few playstructure and several interesting climbing structures to explore.  There is also a freshly paved path that runs around and through the park perfect for little cyclists and bladers.  There is a small forested area on one side of the park and the paths run through the forest.


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