Chapman Mills Park

The splash pad at Chapman Mills Park is okay, but after starting the day at the splash pad at South Nepean park, everything pales in comparison.

The splash pad is a single red tower with two buttons – one controls the two nozzles on the pole and the other button controls a spray way up high on the roof. Take your pick.

The button has to be continuously pressed for the water to come out, but its really too hard for a child under six to press, so you’d need an older child or adult to hold the button down. read more

Teirney Park

Although Teirney Park is listed on the City of Ottawa splash pad page at the time of writing, it seems like it’s no longer an actively maintained splash pad. (Teirney Park is currently not listed in the KML splash pad map data.)

The splash pad is pretty simple. There are two concrete walls with whales engraved on the side and a water spray nozzle.

You have to hold down the button to get the water to come out but it’s hard to tell because the park was broken. The one nozzle that had water leaking out only worked if you held the button in. read more

South Nepean Park Splash Pad

The South Nepean Park splash pad is unbelievably cool. Literally. Our friends told us that this place was always packed and it’s easy to see why.There’s so much to do for little toddlers and older kids as well.

(The place was so busy when we went that we weren’t able to snap photos of all the coolness because we didn’t want to accidentally photograph any kids.)

It’s almost like there’s two splash pads side-by-side. One is a circular water fountain area and the other is like a basketball court. read more

Grab your backpack. Let’s go!

So, there we were, sitting at a picnic table on the Western parkway and having a quick snack before starting a journey of epic proportion. Watermelon, mum-mums and apple juice. Mmmm. Good stuff.

Did you know that Ottawa has over 90 splash pads scattered in parks across the city? We’re going to try to visit them all!

C’mon, let’s get to it. I know that we can do it!