We heart Laurie Berkner

Dear Laurie Berkner,

We love you.

Sincerely, our family.

Mommy borrowed a Laurie Berkner Band CD from the library at the start of July and it’s still our summer anthem.

Our little three year old girl loves Laurie Berkner. (“No, Daddy, it’s called ‘Laurie Berkner Band.” I stand corrected.)

We listen to her all the time, especially since Daddy put Laurie Berkner (Band) on “her” iPad. We have daddy-daughter disco dance parties to The Goldfish song complete with spinning disco lights for underwater effect . We bought a copy of the “Best of” CD so our little monkey could listen to it wherever we drove. (Now, we need to negotiate “quiet” time in the car.) We had to find a kid safe YouTube app for the iPad so that we could watch Laurie Berkner videos without other stuff popping up. read more

Above and below

“Can I listen to Under the Shady Tree… Just like the sun,” calls out our daughter from the backseat.

“Is that your favourite right now?”


We’re listening in the car to the Laurie Berkner Band after getting hooked on their “Best of” CD.

Our little one’s favourite is constantly changing, but she is three, after all. A few days ago, we were singing along to “This Hat” complete with silly hats and actions. Then it was, “I’m Me and You’re You.” That’s still one of my all time faves. read more