Eat, sleep, splash pad

We’ve got twelve splash pads to write about.


Nine from our tour of Orleans splash parks and three others from this afternoon.

“You can write them when I sleep, okay?” comments our three year old compadre.

So, here we are. Mommy and Daddy trying to catch up on documenting our adventures while our little one complains about not being able to fall asleep. Ironic.

“What are we going to do when we finish splash pads?” asks our little girl.

I dunno. Revisit the best splash parks? Move onto play structures (No.) read more

The grand old tour d’Orleans splash pads

We finally finished off the last of the Orleans splash pads.

Nine splash pads, two days, and only four wooden posts. (We thought there would be more.)

There are more than nine splash pads in Orleans, but this is all that we had left to do for our Ottawa splash pad directory.

1. Champagne Park Splash Pad (wooden post)

“It’s not a real park,” said our three year old as we drove away from the splash pad at Champagne Park. “It has a train and a house.”

I suppose that’s one of the downsides of visiting so many splash pads and play structures. You get a sense of what’s out there. read more