Ottawa WE Day

Today I would like to talk about WE Day!

My dad and I went to WE Day. WE Day is a time where lots of people gather around in the Canadian Tire Center and see people who are talking on stage about how the world could be different if you made a change into anybody else’s life and yours.

It was really fun. Like how we got to see lots of people who were changing the world. Like how my family and I are raising money for Ecuador.

Not only grownups but kids too can change the world.Today I saw lots of people who were cheering everybody and to me, it felt like if all these people worked together we could change the world. read more

Barrington Park Splash Pad

A few weekends ago, we checked out the splash pad at Barrington Park. There’s nothing like playing around a water park on a hot summer night.

There’s no gazebo, so it probably gets pretty hot out here in the middle of summer, but, there is a play structure hidden behind some trees, so you can still have a picnic in some shade. There’s also a library across the field.

Here’s what they have at the Barrington Park splash pad:

  • Two water guns: one is a blue water cannon, and the other is a yellow elephant.
  • A red fire hydrant with 4 water spouts around the side. There is a black dome at the top of this red post to turn everything on.
  • Three ground sprinklers. One of the ground sprinklers shoots up pretty high.

We had a lot of fun snacking on watermelon slices beside the water park and shooting the blue cannon. read more

Arnott Park

We had a quiet picnic today at the splash pad at Arnott Park. Another family with two boys were playing at the picnic shelter so we set up our blankets under the trees. A pretty good park with lots of shade. We had a lot of fun playing on the play structure.

The splash pad was pretty basic. A simple blue post that sprays water when you press a button. The nice thing was that you didn’t have to hold down the button for the splash pad to work. The second nice thing was that Rogers had LTE coverage in this area. That’s about it… read more