Brookshire Park Splash Pad

The splash pad at Brookshire Park in South Marsh is another popular and great water park. So popular that we couldn’t really get any decent shots to give you an idea of this place.

We’re coming in from the Carp Water Splash Park and we’re happy to hit another 5 star water park in Ottawa. Here’s what they have at the Brookshire Park splash pad:

  • They have a giant blue pole with 3 water spouts pouring water onto people.
  • There’s a giant orange pole with 4 little streams of water coming out from the sides
  • They have 2 of those giant circles of fun that create a wall of mist to run through. Very popular.
  • There are 3 flowers painted on the ground with showers of water that shoot up from the center.
  • There are also another 3 nozzles in the ground that sprays 7 streams of water to creating a nice showering arch of water.
  • The start button is on a red post.
  • Finally – and this is cool because we’ve never seen it before at an Ottawa splash pad – they have a red post with a glass center piece that has this cool spinning vortex of water when the water pumps through. There are also trickles of water pouring out at the bottom which makes it easy to collect water into a bucket.

There’s a play structure nearby and the gazebo doubles as a stroller parking lot. (No picnic tables under the gazebo.) Lots of families playing today so we joined in the fun before heading out to our final splash pad of the day.


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