Butterfly Park Splash Pad

Big button that turns on the splash pad at Butterfly Park, OttawaThe splash pad at Butterfly Park in Findlay Creek is reasonably nice, but we didn’t see any butterflies fluttering by. That’s too bad because we really like butterflies. (We just got a butterfly tent at home, but that’s another story.)

There are a few different water structures at this splash pad:

  • There are two nozzles in the ground that each shoot up a single stream of water.
  • There are another two nozzles in the ground that send up a circle of water fountains.
  • There is a yellow disk that mists a giant cloud of water into the air.
  • The start button is on top of a blue post. It’s a little hard for younger children to push down by themselves. I had to help a little girl start the water park so she and her friends could run through.

Overall, the Butterfly Park splash pad is quite nice. The button doesn’t last too long so you don’t feel like you’re wasting water, but it’s also not so short that you have to stand there holding it in for the splash pad to work.

It’s a new park so of course there aren’t a lot of mature trees yet but the play structures are new and the giant rock climbing wall is a nice touch.

My daughter and I got there shortly after nine in the morning and there were already some families and home daycares out and about. Today is a busy day. Lots of splash pading to do.


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