Cardinal Creek Valley

cardinal-creek-valley-park-20120719-4Cardinal Creek Valley is a new park and splash pad out in Spring Ridge. (It’s not on the city of Ottawa 2011 PDF map, but it is listed on their site and their open data.)

Wow, is it ever cool.

  • They have a giant yellow flower that sprinkles water from the top onto the petals. (If you stay close to the green pole, you can stay relatively dry!)
  • They have another giant metal structure that pours water onto a plate that sprays the people below.
  • I like the two water guns that spray water into the center of the splash pad (but the water turns off so you can’t spray people behind you.)
  • There’s a giant blue circle that sprays water that you can run through.
  • Finally, there’s an assortment of water fountains that spray up from different parts of the floor. (My favorite is the little one on the side that playfully spits up a little stream every now and then.

Cardinal Creek Valley has a great park with lots to do. We saw several different home daycare providers bringing their little ones for fun.

Not as cool as the South Nepean splash pad because Cardinal Creek Valley only has a single button that turns on everything for a 5 minute show, but still a very cool water structure. (We really like how South Nepean had different buttons for the different parts of the splash pad.)

Cardinal Creek Valley splash pad and park are near a hydro corridor so there’s lots of green space around, but you’ll have to park on the street and walk in to get to this one.


3 thoughts on “Cardinal Creek Valley

  • It’s certainly way more accessible now, although I did enjoy the more secluded feel when the park was off the road slightly. Glad you agree with the “awesome” rating. 🙂

    Vista Park and Ouellette are two other awesome east Orleans pads and parks you should check out if you enjoyed Cardinal Creek.

  • Note: The new name of this park is the Cardinal Creek Community Park. It is 10 acres in size – largest in Cardinal Creek. Its officially opening is Saturday, September 13 from 11 am to 3 pm. Please vist org for event details and free BBQ while quantities last. The park has a sand volleyball and basketball court, a miniature soccer field, full sized lit outdoor ice rink, splash pad, shaded areas and many play structures. It is truly an amazing park and one of the best in Ottawa.

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