Four bandaids and a splash park

1-2013-07-09 08.36.56We had to drop off our car at the dealership, so we thought we’d take some time and do some splashpadding.

The splash pad at Glen Park was better than what we were expecting. We thought it would be one of those old school wooden post splash pads.

Instead, it had a giant leaf and a tall flower post to sprinkle water down. Not bad, not bad at all.

  • The water park is pretty close to the adjacent basketball court, although there are blue posts to visually separate the two.
  • There is a small play structure beside the splash pad. (There’s an even better play structure nearby but it belongs to the elementary school.)
  • There are four ground sprinklers beside the leaf and flower post

We took a moment to splash around at Glen Park. Daddy made the mistake of trying to run through the sprinklers holding hands with an uncertain three-year old.  We only needed four Dora band-aids for our knees and one big squishy hug afterwards before we could try to run through the sprinklers again… this time with Daddy carrying the little monkey.


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