Froggy and Hippo

cityplace-park-20130721-14It’s kinda funny. Of the three splash pads we hopped around on Sunday, we all chose a different splash pad as our favourite.

  • Mommy liked Owl Park for the novelty factor. (It’s the first blue “pond” that we’ve seen.)
  • Our little girl liked the second splash pad at McCarthy Park the best.
  • And, I liked the bigger splash pad at  Citiplace Park (and not just because our little girl was climbing up into the business end of the hippo play structure.)

“What did you like the best at McCarthy Park?” I ask the wee-one at the end of the day.

“The frog.”

The frog is pretty cool. They’ve turned your standard splash loop into the mouth of a frog. Combine that with a giant cattail that sprays mist into the air and you get pretty wet.

Mind you, today, we waited until the water had run out before we had fun jumping through the mouth and filling up our princess buckets.

The splash pad at Citiplace Park is in a new development and we gave it top marks because of all the stuff it has.

  • They have this cool spinning pinwheel flower that whips water around.
  • There are these 2 multi row water sprinklers that make for pretty pictures.
  • There’s a blue dome shape on the ground that squirts up water.
  • On one side, there are 12 jets spraying out in a circle.
  • Oh, and they have your standard archway – red – to run through.

Our friend had recommended it because she lives in the neighbourhood and presumably she saw it on one of her runs.

[splashpad_headline_card]? [splashpad_headline_card]?

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