Google’s found us, but we’re taking tomorrow off

Things have been a little go-go-go lately, so we’re planning on having a quiet day tomorrow. Maybe play around in our own splash pad (read: sprinkler in the backyard) before heading out to a bunch of splash pads over the weekend.

We went to an ultimate (frisbee) game the other night and our friends told us to check out the splash pad at Brewer. (Apparently, there’s a water slide!) It’s not listed on the city of Ottawa splash pad website yet, but it is included in their open data (kml map). Did a quick google search and Brewer park does look cool. Maybe we’ll head out tomorrow after all…

Speaking of Google, they’ve found us.

We started this site on July 17. We signed up for Google Alerts to see how long it would take for Google to index our website. Two days later (July 19), we got a little email saying they had found us.

I just googled Ottawa Splash Pads and at the time of writing, we’re sitting at number eight on the first page. Let’s see if we can’t get to number one.

(Actually, the first two spots are held by the city of Ottawa, and I don’t think we’ll be able to be knock them out of first place. Still, it’d be nice to become somewhat of an authority and land at number three.)

If you have any splash pads in Ottawa that you recommend, let us know. This website recommends Brewer, Centerpointe, Plant and Citiplace. Can’t wait to check them out.

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