Kilbirnie Park Splash Park

We’re back in Barrhaven today visiting splash pads with our cousin. Kilbirnie Park has a lovely splash pad – I really liked the yellow archway!

  • There’s a blue post with three buckets that dump water onto kids below.
  • There are 3 shower sprinklers from the ground
  • Two single stream sprinklers also shoot up from the ground
  • The yellow archway has several nozzles that create a wall of mist to run through.
  • The red post has the start button.

The Kilbirnie Park splash pad was pretty popular today. (The gazebo stroller parking lot was full.) Lots of kids playing around with their day care providers and mommies and daddies. Kids were climbing the nearby play structure, running through the water park and doing arts and crafts with city of Ottawa staff off to the side.

Good times.


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