Lincoln Heights Park Splash Pad

Lincoln Heights Park is a nice little quiet park with big mature trees. We had a lovely picnic on our blankie on a small hill between the swings and the benches by the play structure.

The splash pad itself is pretty weak.

  • There’s a red “fire hydrant” with four water spouts on the sides. The water pressure was pretty weak.
  • The dog enjoyed cooling down after chasing a tennis ball with her daddy.
  • It’s good for putting your feet in or washing your hands.

I think older kids would like the play structure (which says it’s for kids between five and twelve), but the splash pad might not hold your attention for long.

I asked my little girl what she thought about this one.

“I liked the splash pad.”

What did you like about the splash pad.

No answer.

Did you like the dog cooling off?


Did you like the kids playing?


What did you like about the splash pad?

“I can’t remember.”

Words of wisdom from a two-year old.


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