Meadowbrook Park Splash Pad

The third splash pad on our whirlwind Gloucester adventure is the urban water park at Meadowbrook Park.

We thought it was broken at first, but that’s only because we had to hold the button in the first time to get it going.

  • There’s a giant red pole than shoots water into the air.
  • There are three water streams that shoot out from the ground.
  • The start button is on a blue post.

The Meadowbrook Park splash pad looks like it has been recently redone (compared to the older wooden post at the Cyrville Park splash pad.) We liked the cool interlock and shade. The interlock looks like something that someone would have in their backyard with their pool.

The splash pad itself is just mediocre compared to the super cool play structure beside it. It’s a vast multi level structure that really makes this place.

We had fun swinging on the swings and kicking the water at the splash pad once the water pressure died down. The splash pads at Gloucester are getting better and better. Can’t wait for the next one!


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