Sand castles and splash pads

Queenswood Heights Sand Castle 2We had a play date at the Queenswood Heights Centennial park splash pad with our friends.

Apparently, when you mix water from the splash pad with sand from the nearby playground, you can make sand castles.

Who knew.

(It’s only taken us 40 splash pads to figure that out.)

The water park at Queenswood Heights is very nice. There’s actually two separate splash pads separated by some shady trees and picnic tables.

The first splash pad is kinda set up like a runway.

  • First, you run through two ground sprinkers that send up a fountain into the air.
  • Then, you have to get past the people trying to spray you with the yellow water cannons.
  • Run past the two ground sprinklers that shoot up a jet stream of water.
  • And then you have to face the big boss: a giant tower dumping five containers of water below.

We didn’t really play at the second splash pad only meters away.

  • There are 2 ground sprinklers that shoot a jet stream of water and another 2 ground sprinklers that send up a fountain.
  • There’s a blue post that we thought would be an old-school relic, but it was actually pretty decent: 8 nozzles spraying water all around.

We splashed around for a bit, before we set up shop on the beach in front of the swings. After we got the castle going and were filling up the moat, a couple of kids from the home daycares asked if they could join in.

Sure, come on in.

Overall, a pretty fun day at the splash pad. Check out pictures of the Queenswood Heights splash pad.


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