December 31, 2017

Shop Online

Help Macy and I save the world in 3 easy steps!

(Well, maybe not the whole world yet. After all, Macy is only eight. Click here to read about our quest to raise $10,000 to help bring clean water to Mondana, Ecuador.)


Use one of our special links below to go to your favourite online retailer.


Buy something online.


Once you buy something, the retailer sends us a commission which we use to help bring clean water to Mondana, Ecuador.

How does it work? What’s the catch?

Lots of bloggers monetize their websites by adding affiliate links to their posts. This is a very common way to make money online. When you click on a link, your computer saves a special cookie which helps the retailer know who to give a commission to.

You pay the same price from the retailer’s website whether or not you use our link. If you do use our link, we get a tiny commission from the retailer which we use to cover our costs and to help make life better in Mondana, Ecuador. Of course, if you’d rather donate directly to Mondana, Ecuador, click here.


Here’s a list of some of the places we shop. Click a link and help us make a difference!


The list of stuff that we’ve bought from Amazon is growing: printer ink, hard drives, label cartridges, selfie sticks, video cameras, Pokemon gotcha watch

If you already shop at Amazon, please consider using the link below to help us generate money for our Ecuador project. Thanks!


Amazon Prime

We really like Amazon Prime. We started with the 30 day trial period, and then decided to keep on going.

Most people only think about whether they do enough shopping with Amazon to see if the free 2-day shipping is worth the annual fee. I find some things (like printer ink) is significantly cheaper on Amazon, but not everything.

But having Amazon Prime is a great way to do comparison shopping. One time, I went into BestBuy to buy a case for my iPhone. They price matched with Amazon Prime on the spot and I walked out with a phone case on the same day.

Try it for free for 30 days. Get free shipping, and then cancel the trial membership if it doesn’t work for you.