South Nepean Park Splash Pad

south-nepean-park-20120714-1The South Nepean Park splash pad is unbelievably cool. Literally. Our friends told us that this place was always packed and it’s easy to see why.There’s so much to do for little toddlers and older kids as well.

(The place was so busy when we went that we weren’t able to snap photos of all the coolness because we didn’t want to accidentally photograph any kids.)

It’s almost like there’s two splash pads side-by-side. One is a circular water fountain area and the other is like a basketball court.

  • They have this giant shower (pictured on the right) with a spinning wheel at the top. It creates this very cool pattern when it’s on, but if you stand right underneath, you don’t get as wet. (They have a second shower but it doesn’t spin. Still very cool.)
  • There’s a giant bridge that kids can run under with a huge water trough at the top. When the trough fills up, it tips and dumps all of the water below. It reminds me a little of the giant bucket at the top of the water slide park at Great Wolf Lodge in Niagra Falls.
  • There are lots of fountains that shoot up from the ground as well little fountains that squirt from the side walls.
  • If you look carefully, there are little frog fountains around the circular water fountain area.

Great water park splash pad with a picnic shelter right beside it as well as some pretty cool play structures. All-in-all, one of the best splash pads in Ottawa. We’ll have to come back here and snap some better photos when it’s less busy.


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