Carp Water Splash Park

Yeah, the splash pad at Carp Water Splash Park is a five star, but is it worth the drive?

I guess it all depends on how close you live to Carp.

The Carp splash pad is quite nice. It’s the eastern most Ottawa splash pad and it’s definitely not boring with so much to do:

  • There’s a giant blue tower with 5 yellow buckets that dump water on people below.
  • They have 4 rings that create those walls of mist that are fun to run through.
  • They have 3 water canons – red, yellow, and green – that shoot water into the center, but turn off when you point them outside of the splash pad.
  • There’s a giant white flower that pours water down the petals.
  • There are at least 4 single-stream water nozzles that shoot up from the ground. (Some of the water nozzles look like they’re not working.)
  • There have 5 water nozzles in the ground that shoot up a circle of water that showers up in the air
  • The red fire hydrant has a black button that gets things going, but be careful… water sprays out from the sides

Like I said… lots to do at the splash pad in Carp and by the time we got there on a weekday morning, there were already lots of families and friends playing at the water park.

There’s a nice shelter with lots of picnic tables and a Porta-potty by the baseball diamond. (The restroom on the side of the community center is not for public use.) read more