Teirney Park

Although Teirney Park is listed on the City of Ottawa splash pad page at the time of writing, it seems like it’s no longer an actively maintained splash pad. (Teirney Park is currently not listed in the KML splash pad map data.)

The splash pad is pretty simple. There are two concrete walls with whales engraved on the side and a water spray nozzle.

You have to hold down the button to get the water to come out but it’s hard to tell because the park was broken. The one nozzle that had water leaking out only worked if you held the button in.

It’s a good water saving strategy, but what kid is going to want to hold the button while everyone else is splashing around? (You know, if the park actually worked.) The rest of the park is pretty basic – not the kind of place you’d be able to spend copious amounts of time.

It’s hard to feel excited about this broken splash pad.

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