Billy Bishop Splash Pad is a simple pad with a tall dome, a water cannon, and some fountain sprays.  The sprays rotate on a cycle making it fun to splash around in different parts of the pad.  The splash pad is surrounded by bushes, giving it a nice secluded feel.

There is shade and a playstructure at the park.

Photo Gallery


BILLY BISHOP Splash Pad is located at 1 Bishops Mills, Ottawa, Ontario in Kanata

Water Play Structures:

Ground Fountains 4
Fountain Spray - four fountains, some stronger than others
Water Cannons 1
Spray Cannon - yellow rotating cannon that shoot out water
Tall Posts 1
Aqua Dome N°2 - water domes out of the top of a tall green post
Start Button Bollard Activator - black dome on top of a short red post
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