Bluegrass Park Splash Pad is a newer splash pad that features an aquadome, flower dumping buckets, and an arch.

The splash pad and the playstructure beside it don’t have much shade but there are trees around the periphery of the park that offer shade.  There is also a gazebo and swings at the park.

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BLUEGRASS PARK Splash Pad is located at 199 Bridgestone, Ottawa, Ontario in Kanata

Water Play Structures:

Ground Fountains 4
Fountain Spray - four ground fountains spray up water into the air.
Ground Water Jets 1
Water Tunnel N°2 - a set of four jets spray water up into an arch creating a water tunnel.
Archways 1
Spray Loop - water sprays into the centre of green loop
Posts 2
Aqua Dome N°1 - water domes out of short red post, Fire Hydrant Activator - water sprays out of all four sides of yellow hydrant.
Start Button Fire Hydrant Activator - silver button on yellow hydrant.
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