We had fun at this splash pad. Really impressed with how high some of the ground water jets go. (They shoot higher than the water park structures.) The start button is in the center of where all of the directional water jets are pointing at, so you’re bound to get wet.

They made it so the water naturally runs down the side, under a foot bridge, and into the river. Kinda cool.

Photo Gallery


BORDELEAU PARK Splash Pad is located at 349 Bruyere, Ottawa, Ontario in Old Ottawa

Water Play Structures:

Ground Water Jets 8
Directional Water Jets (in a circle around the splash pad. They alternate a few at a time and some of these water jets are pretty powerful)
Tall Posts 1
Bamboo No 10. (It's a tall T-shaped post with a bunch of nozzles pointing down across the top, but it looks like only 3 of them were working)
Start Button Playsafe Drain - Press & Play N°1 - start button on the ground in the middle of the blue circle drain
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