The splash pad at Cantebury Park has crazy water pressure.

Maybe it was because one of the little ground fountain sprinklers coming out of the soccer balls was broken, but the spray from the water jets were going up as high as the trees.

There’s also an outdoor wading pool here, but it was closed when we visited.

This is a nice little splash pad that will definitely get you wet. The sign says it’s proudly sponsored by Urbandale Corporation and it’s right beside the Cantebury recreation complex (Brian Kilrea Arena), so you should be able to use the bathroom in there when your little ones need a break.

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CANTERBURY PARK Splash Pad is located at 2185 Arch Street, Ottawa, Ontario in Gloucester

Water Play Structures:

Ground Fountains 3
ground sprinklers in Beach ball
Ground Water Jets 3
high powered tall mist ground jets - as tall as the trees
Tall Posts 1
Giant flower
General Notes Bathroom in the Canterbury Recreation Complex
Last Visited August 4, 2015
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