Huntley Centennial Splash Pad is a new splash pad in Carp with many fun structures.  The cycle was quite long and it was easy to get very, very wet.  There is a gazebo for shade.

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HUNTLEY CENTENNIAL (CARP) Splash Pad is located at 108 JUANITA AVE Ottawa, Ontario in West Carleton

Water Play Structures:

Ground Fountains 5
Fountain Spray - five fountain sprays of medium strength
Ground Water Jets 1
Water Tunnel N°2 - four jets that spray water up in an arch creating a water tunnel
Archways 1
Rainbow N°1 - a set of four rings that mist water into the centre
Water Cannons 3
Water Cannon - three cannons that shoot water into the splash pad
Posts 1
Fire Hydrant - water sprays out of all four sides of the red hydrant
Tall Posts 1
Flower - water comes out the top of the tall green pole and pours down the petals of the flower
Start Button Fire Hydrant Activator - black dome on top of the hydrant starts the cycle
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Stay tuned.
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