Celebration Park Splash Pad is a fun splash pad in a large park.  The splash pad has a long rotating cycle and the pad itself is fairly spacious.  The main structures are a spray loop, a spraying post, and a tall post with a bucket, flower, and pipe that rain water down on you.

The park has some shade but there is a gazebo beside the splash pad.  There are also swings and two playstructures to explore right beside the pad.

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CELEBRATION PARK Splash Pad is located at 200 Central Park drive, Ottawa, Ontario in Old Ottawa

Water Play Structures:

Ground Fountains 3
Fountain Spray - two ground foutains shoot up into the air; Rooster Tail - sends up a low fan of water
Ground Water Jets 1
Jet Stream - a smaller jet that spurts out water at intervals.
Archways 1
Spray Loop - water sprays into the centre of the loop.
Water Cannons 1
Carronade 2.0 - water sprays out of the end of a red rotating water cannon.
Posts 1
Mist Stick - short yellow post with nine nozzles that spray out gentle streams of water.
Tall Posts 1
Mix'n Match 3 - a tall post with a dumping bell, a spraying flower, and a tube that pours water down.
Start Button Silver button on the red water cannon.
Last Visited August 7, 2013
Stay tuned.
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9 thoughts on “CELEBRATION PARK Splash Pad

  • Very clean park, located in a great area, environment is excellent!! I have no worries for my children to play in this park!! Wonderful park, we love it!! Splash pad is small but just right! Two parks, which makes this park perfect for children of all ages, great big field, can be use for soccer, there’s a tennis court right near.. We appreciate this park!

    • Thanks for the info, Julie. We’re looking forward to checking out this park. In retrospect, we probably should have talked more about all of the play structures and other features nearby the splashpads on our site, but it’s taken us almost two summers to get them all done. Maybe that’ll be our project for next year. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Love this splashpad. It’s great because it has awesome stuff for big kids (or even adults), and also mellow things for wee ones. Not much shade, but there’s a pavilion with a picnic table under it, and play structures for big and little kids. Big parking lot, off Central Park. Also, it’s a very pleasant walk from the Merivale bus routes, or from the Central Experimental Farm bike pathway.

  • There is a city parking lot attached to the park. I’m afraid I don’t remember there being washrooms. That is certainly a bonus when they are available.

  • No washrooms at this location.
    They just added three new features to Celebration.
    A ‘caterpillar’, spinning web and angled climbing grid.
    Nice gazebo, and remember : no smoking and dogs ON leash

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