Claudette Cain Park Splash Pad is a newer, fun pad with many fun structures and a long cycle.  It’s main attractions are several tall flower posts.

The splash pad is located at one end of the sprawling, beautiful Claudette Cain Park.  This wooded park is nestled along the river and is well worth a visit.  There is tons of shade, a large gazebo with tables, two playstructures, two port-a-potties, and a system of paved paths running through the park.  This is a place where you could easily pass a day.

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CLAUDETTE CAIN PARK Splash Pad is located at 660 River Road, Ottawa, Ontario in Gloucester

Water Play Structures:

Ground Fountains 2
Magic Mist N°1 - small dome on the ground that mists up water, Fountain Spray - a ground fountain that sprays up water.
Ground Water Jets 2
Launch Pod N°1 - two sets of four jets that gush up into the air.
Water Cannons 2
Spray Cannon - two rotating red water cannons that spray water out the end.
Posts 1
Aqua Dome N°1 - water domes out of a short red post.
Tall Posts 2
Power Aqualien N°1 - a tall post with a spinning flower, water that pours down a second flower, and three fountain sprays at the base; Flower N°2 - a tall post with water that sprays up out of one flower and water that rains down the side of another flower.
Start Button Bollard Activator - black dome on top of short yellow post.
Last Visited August 9, 2013
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3 thoughts on “CLAUDETTE CAIN PARK Splash Pad

  • Hi,

    There are signs that says no bbq’s at the Claudette Cain Park, Riverside South. Are permits available for use of propane bbq’s?


    • Hi Michelle,
      We’re not sure about that one. We don’t bbq much. I’m sure if you call 311 they would be able to tell you.

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