Diamond Jubilee Splash Pad really is a jewel of a park.  It’s by far one of the larger and most creative splash pads we’ve encountered to date.  There are a variety of unique structures that spray on a cycle.  We especially liked the footing – seems to be a softer type of concrete – and the fact that this large splash pad has an area with lower water structures…perfect for hesitant splashers.

Photo Gallery


DIAMOND JUBILEE Splash Pad is located at 2810 Findlay Creek Drive, Ottawa, Ontario in Gloucester

Water Play Structures:

Ground Fountains 1
Water Tunnel N°2 - four jets that spray in a tall arch
Ground Water Jets 4
Fountain Spray - three fountain sprays, Jet Stream - one jet that sprays straight up
Archways 1
Bullfrog - frog arch that mists into the centre
Water Cannons 2
Frog Cannon - water shoots out the rotating frog's mouth, Chipmunk Cannon - water shoots out the rotating chipmunk's mouth
Posts 2
Aqua Dome N°1 - short red post with water that domes out of the top, Watergarden Turtle N°1 - a turtle that sprays out gently in all directions
Tall Posts 3
Flower N°1 - water rains down the side of the orange flower, Cattail - two tall posts that mist water from the top
Start Button Watergarden Activator N°1 - silver button on a red flower post
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