Fallingbrook Park Splash Pad is a newer pad whose main attraction is it’s two tall posts – a flower and a leaf.  The water pressure is fairly high and this small, shady pad is a nice place to get wet on a hot day.

The splash pad is next to a large park with a big hill and fields to run in, plenty of shade and places to sit, and a playstructure.  There is also a path that runs through the park for small cyclists and skaters.

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FALLINGBROOK PARK Splash Pad is located at 681 Deancourt, Ottawa, Ontario in Cumberland

Water Play Structures:

Ground Water Jets 1
Water Tunnel N°2 - four jets spray water up in a tall arch that creates a tunnel to run through
Tall Posts 2
Flower N°1 - water rains down of the side of the tall orange flower, Leaf N°1 - water mists down out of the tall green leaf
Start Button Bollard Activator N°3 - silver button on top of red post
Last Visited August 2, 2013
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