We didn’t see any deer when we went, but there’s a fantastic splash pad at Fawn Meadow Park. (We did see a deer crossing sign driving in, however.)

This is a new park, but already there’s a lot going for it. The gazebo with the picnic table is a nice shady spot to watch your kids splash around, but there may not be enough room for everybody. One family brought their own beach umbrella and camped out on the grass which was a great idea. When the trees get bigger, this will be a very nice park.

The water pressure is very strong, and there were lots of families enjoying the park when we went.

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FAWN MEADOW PARK Splash Pad is located at 165 Meadering Brook, Ottawa, Ontario in Ottawa

Water Play Structures:

Ground Fountains 5
Fountain sprays
Archways 3
Red, Yellow, Blue archways
Water Cannons 2
green water cannons
Tall Posts 2
Giant mushroom and tall post with 2 dumping buckets and a water tube
General Notes Gazebo with picnic table
Last Visited July 4, 2015
Stay tuned.
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