Hintonburg Park Splash Pad is a simple splash pad with an amazing assortment and quantity of water jets and fountains.  There was so much water coming up in so many different places we’re quite sure we didn’t account for all of them when we were counting.

The park itself is a jewel.  It’s surrounded by a wall or fence on all four sides and well shaded by old trees.  There is plenty of places to sit and two large structures to explore.  This is definitely a park worth a visit.

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HINTONBURG PARK Splash Pad is located at 1064 Wellington, Ottawa, Ontario in Old Ottawa

Water Play Structures:

Ground Fountains 14
Foaming Geyser N°1 - seven mini geysers of water; Fountain Spray - seven ground fountains that spray up water
Ground Water Jets 4
Water Tunnel N°2 - two sets of four jets that shoot water up in an arch to create a water tunnel, Jet Stream Spitters - two jets that spit up a stream of water at intervals; Jet Stream - six jets that shoot water up into the air
Start Button Foot Activator - silver button on the ground.
Last Visited August 7, 2013
Stay tuned.
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