Nault Park Splash Pad is a fun splash pad whose main draw is two tall yellow flowers.  The water cycles through the structures in various patterns making it fun to try to move around without getting wet.

The splash pad is located in a large fenced-in park.  There are smooth newly paved paths circling around the park that are perfect for little cyclists.  There is plenty of shade, places to sit, swings, and a few playstructures.

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NAULT PARK Splash Pad is located at 325 St-Denis, Ottawa, Ontario in Vanier

Water Play Structures:

Ground Fountains 3
Fountain Spray - two fountain sprays coming out of flowers painted on the ground, the middle spray is more of a mist
Archways 1
Spray Loop - red loop that sprays water into the centre
Tall Posts 2
Flower - two double flowers with water doming out the top and rolling down the petals of the flowers
Start Button Silver button on one of the tall flower posts.
General Notes The water pressure on the spray loop seems low and not all the nozzles are working.
Last Visited August 2, 2013
Stay tuned.
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