Plouffe Park Splash Pad is a fun urban splashpad located in a park area behind Plant Recreation Centre.  The splash pad is fairly large and features several fun structures like a rainbow arch.

The splash pad has some shade and is located near a gazebo structure.  There are also two playstructures in the park.  There are public washrooms available in the recreation centre.

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PLOUFFE PARK Splash Pad is located at 930 Somerset, Ottawa, Ontario in Old Ottawa

Water Play Structures:

Ground Fountains 6
Fountain Spray - six fountains spray on a cycle and with different pressures.
Ground Water Jets 12
Cylinder Spray - a circle of twelve jets in the middle shoot water straight up,
Archways 1
Rainbow N°1 - water mists into the centre of four rings.
Posts 1
Fire Hydrant Activator - water sprays out of four sides of red hydrant.
Tall Posts 1
Tall blue post with three arms that mist down water.
Start Button Fire Hydrant Activator - black dome on top of red post.
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