The newly renovated Queenswood Ridge Park is a significant improvement over the old one. (It used to be an old wooden post splashpad with a red water slide. Check out the old photos here.)

Now it’s a modern water park with two archways to run throw, a bunch of ground sprinklers spraying water into the air, 3 dumping buckets, and of course, water cannons to shoot your friends.

It’s a nice improvement – there’s still plenty of shade in the park, a large hill, fields, a running track, a rink, and of course, several play structures.

Photo Gallery



QUEENSWOOD RIDGE PARK Splashpad (RENOVATED) is located at 346 Kennedy, Ottawa, Ontario in Gloucester

Water Play Structures:

Ground Fountains 13
picture circles and ground fountains
Archways 2
red and blue archways
Water Cannons 2
water cannon posts
Start Button on the tall post with the dumping buckets
Last Visited July 4, 2015
Stay tuned.
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