We were really excited by the whale tale at the splashpad at Russel Boyd Park.

Some splashpads make you feel trapped with the sun beating down on you. This one is nice and shady. It’s right beside Blossom Park Public School

A nice modern splashpad with water cannons, archways to run throw, some dumping buckets, and yes, a blue whale tale.

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RUSSEL BOYD PARK Splash Pad is located at 1735 St. Bernard Street, Ottawa, Ontario in Gloucester

Water Play Structures:

Ground Fountains 6
1 metal spider, 3 spurters, 2 ground
Ground Water Jets 4
straight up in a row
Archways 3
coloured archways
Water Cannons 2
curl twirl sprays
Tall Posts 2
whale tale, and tall post with 3 dumping buckets
Start Button start button on flower post
General Notes nice and shady splash pad
Last Visited July 4, 2015
Stay tuned.
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