Stonecrest Park Splash Pad is a new, basic splash pad full of sprinklers and jets guaranteed to get you wet.  Be careful – the water pressure on the structures changes during the cycle and they rotate quickly.  You will get surprised by water here!

The splash pad is located in a busy park next to a community centre.  There is a toddler play area with a playstructure and swings, and a larger play structure and swing set.

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STONECREST PARK Splash Pad is located at 220 Stoneway, Ottawa, Ontario in Nepean

Water Play Structures:

Ground Fountains 2
Fountain Spray - water sprays out of two ground fountains.
Ground Water Jets 6
Water Tunnel N°1 - set of eight jets send water up in an arch creating a short tunnel, Split Stream - a jet that sends two streams in opposite directions, Jet Stream - four jets send a stream of water straight up into the air.
Water Cannons 1
Spray Cannon - rotating yellow cannon that sprays water out the end.
Start Button Silver button on a short red post.
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