VISTA PARK Splashpad

Vista Park has a brand new splash pad in Avalon South. When we visited (July 14, 2013), this splash pad wasn’t even listed on the city website or on Google Maps yet! (You can check out the park specs here on the city of Ottawa website.)

A lot of cool things about this park. We loved how they had 4 spray loops in a twist (so it looks like a spiral.) They also have a drinking fountain nearby that includes a spot on the side to rinse your feet and fill up water buckets!

The water pressure here isn’t as strong as some other parks (check out the wall of water from the spray loops at Sir Wilfred Laurier Park) but there’s so much going on here, that this urban water park still rocks.

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VISTA PARK Splashpad is located at 720 vista park drive, ottawa, ontario in Cumberland

Water Play Structures:

Ground Fountains 7
1 ground fountain by the tall posts, 3 ground geysers, 1 split stream, 2 water jelly fountains (but 1 didn't seem to work)
Ground Water Jets 1
jet stream by the tall posts
Archways 4
spray loops in a spiral
Water Cannons 3
Triangle of spray cannons
Tall Posts 3
2 twisty posts that spray water at the top. 1 green twisty post that has nozzles on the side
Start Button Button on the side of the red post
General Notes They have a cool water fountain at the side with two drinking fountains and a lower fountain to rinse your feet, fill up a bucket...
Last Visited July 14, 2013
Stay tuned.
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