George C. Brown Splash Pad opened in August of 2012.  It has some fun structures including one we haven’t seen at other pads – a large mushroom umbrella.

The park has plenty of shade and a playstructure.

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WHITEHAVEN / GEORGE C BROWN PARK splash pad is located at 970 Parkhaven, Ottawa, Ontario in Nepean

Water Play Structures:

Ground Fountains 6
Fountain Spray - three large fountain sprays with eighteen streams, Fountain Spray - three smaller fountains
Ground Water Jets 1
Jet Stream - one stream that shoots up high
Archways 1
Rainbow N°1 - four arches forming a rainbow that mists
Water Cannons 1
Spray Cannon - blue gun that rotates and doesn't shoot overly high up
Posts 1
Tornado Tube - a clear tube that fills up with water - water comes out gently from some holes in the bottom
Tall Posts 1
Umbrella - large mushroom post - water sprays up from the top and rains down over the sides
Start Button Silver button on yellow post
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