We have three words for Winterwood Park Splash Pad:  holy water pressure!  This newer splashpad has some standard features like a fire hydrant and tall aqua dome post, but what make the splash pad interesting is the incredible amount of water that blasts out if it’s structures.  The aqua dome posts usually gently dome water out the top…this one blasted out.  Similarly the usually medium sized fountain sprays were as tall as the surrounding trees.  Impressive and definitely a way to get very wet.

The park itself has several fun playstructures and lots of room to run.  It’s definitely a park we will visit again with a friend.

Photo Gallery


WINTERWOOD PARK Splash Pad is located at 1844 Johnston Rd, Ottawa, Ontario in Old Ottawa

Water Play Structures:

Ground Water Jets 3
Fountain Spray - three fountains that spray water up as tall as a tree.
Water Cannons 1
Spray Cannon - water shoots out of blue water cannon into the centre of the pad.
Posts 1
Fire Hydrant Activator - water jets out of all four sides of the red hydrant.
Tall Posts 1
Aqua Dome N°2 - tall red post with water that shoots out the top.
Start Button Fire Hydrant Activator - black dome on top of red hydrant.
Last Visited August 6, 2013
Stay tuned.
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