Greenbank Park Splash Park

As far as simple water parks go, I really like the splash pad at Greenbank Park. Those water sprinklers in the ground are really powerful!

  • There are 3 shower sprinklers in the ground. Two of them are really powerful.
  • There’s a simple wooden footbridge beside the splash pad
  • The start button is on the green post.

This is the second stop we made with our older cousin. The water park is right beside Greenbank, but you’d never know it from the main road.

The splash pad was fun, but I think the girls had a bigger blast playing hide-and-go seek at the nearby older wooden play structure.

The strong water pressure shoots up so high that the jet of water is visible through the trees from the road. I say it’s a two star because the water pressure is so strong. Mommy wasn’t quite sure. read more

Kilbirnie Park Splash Park

We’re back in Barrhaven today visiting splash pads with our cousin. Kilbirnie Park has a lovely splash pad – I really liked the yellow archway!

  • There’s a blue post with three buckets that dump water onto kids below.
  • There are 3 shower sprinklers from the ground
  • Two single stream sprinklers also shoot up from the ground
  • The yellow archway has several nozzles that create a wall of mist to run through.
  • The red post has the start button.
  • read more