Aladdin Park Splash Pad

The splash pad at Aladdin Park in Blossom Park needs to be upgraded. If you’re in the neighborhood, you’re better off driving five more minutes to the splash pad at Emerald Woods Park.

Aladdin Park itself is a great park with what looks to be a recently renovated play structure. But the splash pad here is more of a historic example of what splash pads in Ottawa used to be, as opposed to a fun water park to play in:

  • It consists of one wooden post with two nozzles on opposite sides.
  • The button is on the post and when you push it, the water streams out for a few seconds. Not a lot of pressure and not a long time.

Splash pad aside, Aladdin Park is quite nice. Nice big leafy trees and a new play structure for younger and older kids. I think it’s cool how there’s a separate slide that’s only accessible to older kids who can climb up that high. (No way, I’m letting my two-year old try, even if she wanted to.)

There’s a dedicated parking lot for the park just off of Albion. Rogers also has LTE coverage here.


Aladdin Park Splash Pad

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