Emerald Woods Park Splash Pad

Of all the splash pads that we saw today (Butterfly Park, Turtle Park, Aladdin Park and this one), Emerald Wood Park had the coolest splash pad.

There’s so much to like about this water park. Emerald Wood Park itself has some great play structures nestled into a foresty backdrop, so it only makes sense that the spash pad fits this woodland theme.

  • There’s a giant leaf that sprays mist once it gets going.
  • The giant flower pours water along the edges of the petals to make a ring on the ground.
  • The four water fountains shooting up from the ground are very cool. My two year old daughter liked playing with them at the end when the water pressure dropped to a respectable splashing level.
  • There’s a button on the red post that starts everything off – it’s a nice long cycle with a single push.

It’s an older park so there are lots of older mature trees here with plenty of shade and picnic tables. The play structure has been recently updated and they have a bigger slide only accessible by older children who can climb the structure. (They also have slides for the younger children.)

If you’re thinking of going to the splash pad at Aladdin Park (which is a single wooden post), it’s definitely worth going the extra few minutes to drive up Albion to get to a great park.


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