Chapman Mills Park

The splash pad at Chapman Mills Park is okay, but after starting the day at the splash pad at South Nepean park, everything pales in comparison.

The splash pad is a single red tower with two buttons – one controls the two nozzles on the pole and the other button controls a spray way up high on the roof. Take your pick.

The button has to be continuously pressed for the water to come out, but its really too hard for a child under six to press, so you’d need an older child or adult to hold the button down.

Chapman Mills seems like an older park before fancy splash pads made. The park is made out of wood, and it’s quite lovely. The fenced-in toddler area would be a draw.

Personally, I didn’t like the fact that Rogers only had 3G in this are because google maps on my iPad failed. What did people do before GPS?


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