Cyrville Park Splash Pad

The Cyrville Park splash pad is the second stop of the evening. It’s just around the corner from Stonehenge Park in Gloucester.

Don’t be tricked by the close-up photo of misty goodness. This is another basic splash pad, although it does have a cool trough that we’ve never seen before.

  • There’s a basic wooden post. Push the button and water sprays out. Period.
  • There’s also a red trough with a water pump for kids to play with. The plug for the trough doesn’t seem to work, but you can pump water and float things.

We liked the pirate ship play structure beside the water park. It’s like a smaller version of the pirate ship our friends showed us at Millenium Park in Orleans. (Unfortunately, the Cyrville Park ship structure has been vandalized with spray paint.)

The red water trough was a cool novelty, but we were more interested in the pirate ship. (Especially because there’s that great Dora episode where the pirate piggies take the costumes and Dora needs our  help to get them back! Argh!)


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