Stonehenge Park Splash Pad

There are several splash pads that live just behind the Horse who Lives on Innes Road.

The splash pad at Stonehenge Park in Gloucester is closest to the pasture at Apple Saddlery, but this water park is pretty basic:

  • There are three spraying fountains that spring out from the ground
  • The start button is on top of the silver post.

Usually after we check out the splash pad, we play on the slides at the park but the only play structure nearby was for older kids. Our little pre-school toddler couldn’t climb the ladder to get to the slide, so off it was on our adventure.

When Mommy decides to go splash padding, she really goes all out. Personally, I was getting a little worried that we wouldn’t be able to hit all 90+ splash pads in Ottawa. After all, it’s almost August, FutureShop has already started it’s “Back to School” marketing, and we haven’t hit a quarter of the splash pads yet. (The splash pad at Silverbirch Park is number 17.)

But Mommy is very strategic. She chose Gloucester as our next spot because there are so many clustered together. Plus, we saw a horse on Innes road. I’m sure he has a real name, but we decided to name him the Horse who Lives on Innes Road since it sounds like a book title.

There are five splash pads in the area… This is only the beginning!


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