Elmridge Park splash pad

“It’s one of the wooden post splash pads…”

Yes, it is. And as far as spash pads go, that ain’t a good thing.

Wooden post water parks in Ottawa tend to be low pressure, older splash pads. (Compare that with the new dragon splash pad that was just built at Chapman Mills Main Street Park that has a water breathing dragon!)

The splash pad at Elmridge Park is one of the better wooden post splash pads (but that’s not saying much):

  • There are four posts: three wooden, and one red metal post. Each post has several water nozzles built in on the side that spray water into the center of the splash pad.
  • There’s a start button on each individual post. Unlike most modern splash pads in Ottawa, there isn’t a single button that turns everything on.

Not much to say about this splash pad. We didn’t stay long at all. After all, it’s a hop, skip and a jump to Fairfield Park and that one has a much newer splash pad facility.


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