Chapman Mills Main Street Park Splash Pad

Wow, dragons.

We’ve been to 28 splash pads in Ottawa so far and this is the first dragon that we’ve seen. The new splash pad at Chapman Mills Main Street Park is worth checking out. (Not to be confused with the older and less impressive splash pad at Chapman Mills.)

  • A giant green dragon blasts a steady stream of water on the kids below. (No, the dragon doesn’t move.)
  • The dragon’s tail has 4 little streams of water for little kids
  • There’s a row of 5 single stream sprinklers from the ground
  • Two ground sprinklers send up two streams each in opposite directions.
  • One ground sprinkler shoots a jet of water straight up.
  • The start button is not obvious. Usually they’re on posts but this button is on the ground.
  • There are 3 red buckets filling up and dumping water on people.

The play structure at Chapman Mills Main Street park continues the cool dragon theme as well. There’s a red dragon digging through the mulch and the rock climbing wall is a nice touch.

We had a lot of fun playing at this park. The dragon was cool and we had fun trying to build up the nerve to stand under the dumping buckets. Our older cousin had an Ariel kite so we flew that in the field.

There aren’t enough garbage cans, but it’s a new park so hopefully there’s more to come, (There are still fenced off parts under construction.)

5 stars?

“It’s not interactive, I think it’s a 4 star,” replies Mommy. “We should have rates splash pads out of 10 stars, I guess.”

4.5 stars?

We don’t think the Chapman Mills Main Street Park splash pad is as cool as the water park in Carp, South Nepean, or Brewer, but it has a dragon and that’s gotta count for something.


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