Eye on the prize: 30 splash pad reviews left

party-day-20130806-2“We should have a celebration when we finish all one hundred splash pads,” said Mommy as we drove out towards four splash pads.

We’re trying to keep our eye on the prize. We’ve almost visited every single splash pad in Ottawa. After today, we’ll have finished 70 splashpad reviews.

“We could do thirty in a week.”

Maybe. It’s only taken us two summers to get this far…

Our three year old daughter is singing along to the acoustic version of Laurie Berkner’s My Family.

(We just borrowed the Party Day DVD and it has a bonus CD you can listen to in the car over and over and over again.)

We weren’t really expecting anything special at these four splash pads, so we were pleasantly surprised with the one at Winterwood and Greenboro. We’d come back to those two splash parks with friends.

1. Sheffield Glen Park splashpad

sheffield-glen-park-20130806-8The splash pad at Sheffield Glen Park is an older splash park with three really powerful jets. With the wind blowing, you’ll get wet pushing the start button.

There’s a shady area, a play structure, a swing… things aren’t new, but they’re not super old, either.

We didn’t stay very long here – just long enough to splash in some puddles and get our feet wet.


2. Winterwood Park Splash Pad

winterwood-park-20130806-4The splash park at Winterwood Park is your basic modern splash pad with incredible water pressure.

High powered stuff.

  • The grass around the splash park was mud.
  • One of the fountains shoots higher than the tree line.
  • We’ve seen aqua domes before (those tall posts that create an umbrella of water up above), but this was more like an aqua rocket.

There’s lots to do here. Nice play structure, nice gazebo, nice splash pad.

There was some vandalism on the fire hydrant in the splash pad, but our little girl is only just learning to read.

“Do you want to come back with a friend?” we ask our daughter.


So, we’ll have to come back.


3. Greenboro Park Splash Pad

We’re going to have to come back to the greenboro-park-20130806-3the splash pad at Greenboro Park for two reasons:

First of all, there were so many people in the area, we couldn’t really get any decent photos of the place.

Secondly, this place is fun. Our three year old daughter was pretty upset when we told her we had to leave.

The splash pad is basic. Three high-powered water jets spraying up into the air.

But, there’s a lot of other stuff around here that makes this a destination park that you’d go for a picnic with friends.

  • There’s a wading pool connected to the splash pad
  • Several play structures
  • Wooden lounge chairs (the same kind they have at Brewer Park.)
  • Public washrooms in the community center / library

So, your kids can run into the splash pad, and then play on the play structure non-stop. If they need to use the washroom, you don’t need to drive anywhere – just walk into the community center.

Definitely need to come back here and spend a couple of hours just playing.


4.Sieveright Park splash pad

sieveright-park-20130806-4The splash pad at Sieveright Park is very basic. It’s a metal post, but it’s a high powered vortex metal post.

There are three nozzles on the top and three around the sides.

Basically, this means, you’re going to get soaked trying to turn on the water.

The water cycle is pretty short. I’m not sure I’d drive back here to visit.


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