Queensway Park Splash Pad

There’s lots to like about the splash pad at Queensway Park in Gloucester.

  • There are two giant posts with buckets at the top that continuously fill up and dump water on the people below. (They have something similar at the Brewer Park splash pad. It’s like Great Wolf Lodge, as our two-year-old would say.)
  • There are three spouts in the ground that shoot up a single stream of water each.
  • There’s one water spout in the ground that sends up a water fountain

We really liked how this splash pad and park is surrounded by forest. Sure, it’s behind the Telesat buildings and the Queensway, but if you park on Aurele, you have to walk through the forest to get to the splash pad. Plus, if you continue through the forest behind the splash pad, the path comes out at another park.

Even though the nearby play structures are simply okay, I really like the splash pad at Queensway Park in Gloucester.

I thought this park was a four-star, but Mommy thought it was less – she thought the splash pad at Cedarcroft Park was better because of the all-around mist factor. I liked the splash pad at Queensway Park because it’s the first park where our daughter got completely soaked. (Thank goodness Mommy remembered to pack a complete change of clothes.)

I think our little girl liked the Queensway Park splash pad because it has simple spray up fountains that don’t vary in intensity so you know exactly what you’re in for. The two buckets that fill up and dump water below are for the more daring…


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